Beast Kingdom - X-Men Egg Attack Action - Magneto Deluxe Version Action Figure

Beast Kingdom

  • $99.99

The most infamous of X-Men Villains, the all mighty manipulator of matter, Magneto himself burst onto the comic scene in the early 1960’s, and now with 19 years of X-Men movies, Magneto has become a household name.
Whilst he is known for villainy, his story is one of tragedy, which sometimes makes him an anti-hero in the X-Men universe.

With the 90’s classic X-Men Animated series, Magneto and the X-Men themselves burst onto our screens with vivid and lively colors, as if straight out of a comic.
Following the highly successful release of the Animated X-Men’s Wolverine and Cyclops, Taiwan’s Beast Kingdom proudly presents the Egg Attack Action 6-inch highly articulable action Figure EAA-083DX X-MEN Magneto Deluxe Version.

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